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tv   WBZ News  CBS  December 18, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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a teen crashes his car no a -- into a fox breaux fox breaux home. winter runs, coming up in your weekend forecast. and mother theresa one step closer to becoming a saint. >> we start with breaking news right now at noon. boston police on the trail of a bank robber right now.
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thanks for joining us. i'm chris mackinnon. the citizens bank on adam street in dorchester was just robbed. skyeye over the scene and this could be the work of a serial bank robber who has hit three banks in three days. today's description matches the same woman wanted in two other wednesday. one in dorchester, one in downtown boston. in both cases, the pink baseball hat wearing thief passed a note to the teller away. of course, we'll follow this one for you all day long a foxborough family set to host a holiday party now is set to deal with this mess. a teenager crashed into the this crash. it's going to take some time to
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>> reporter: yes, look at the trail of damages. the car came out across the lawn and right into the back. the issue really is support because the car basically knocked out the front wall and a back wall there. there is concern with supporting the roof and the house. the family was expecting 15 people over for christmas. this home was all ready for christmas with a red bow a tree, complete with a santa statue when chaos struck. >> i looked up, there is no front of the house. >> reporter: harry wideman and his wife had just woken up. and then she heard the terrifying sound. >> i thought it was an explosion. >> reporter: and saw the gaping hole. a first respored said that a
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took out the house of more than 40 years. the car only stopping when he struck the car. unarmed. neighbors say this is not the first time that crashes occur near this home. >> people come barreling down, going up town or coming from uptown. >> reporter: take a look. you can see how powerful the impact was. the car is embedded into the house. it the whole front total. fortunately, the driver refused treatment at the scene and refused to go to the hospital. but some of the memories did not make it that well. >> the house can be repaired,
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>> reporter: thank goodness. the inspector is at the scene. investigators are looking into what happened. the 16 was licensed. he and his father apologized for what happened. an 8-year-old left home for a moment when a fire breaks out. she got out safely. and now the fire department is investigating. gentleman >> reporter: a two - family home caught in the middle of flames that roared. >> i looked into the back and i saw the flames burst. it was horrifying. >> reporter: thursday afternoon around 4:00 p.m. that the call came in. a fire at 7900 street in millford. >> it was accidental. it was caused by an issue with the stove. >> reporter: it you will -- it
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gone. >> the mother went to pick up a two-year-old daughter which was a street away. in reality, she shot next door to grab the kid and it all time. >> investigators took a closer look into all that transpired here and what they found revealed something troubling. >> an 8-year-old, apparently, she was in the house. >> neighbors speak highly of the family and that 8-year-old little girl. they comforted her when she ran out and called 911. >> she went for a second. i don't think she went to buy anything. she took care of her children >> reporter: nonetheless, the department of children and family is investigating as investigators are determining if this was negligence or a mother's mistake. >> if you have a stove on, or a space heater on, do not leave. the mother of a boston
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bar should down after her son was shot and killed last month. >> she is upset that the city did not take action against the "who's on first" bar. under advisement. the bar owner says he should not be responsible for a shooting that happened outside his establishmentbut that left the mother fuming. the mother of a murder victim furious that the boston licensing board did not take action in the case of the fenway back "who's on first". >> they should have shut down from the beginning. >> reporter: it it was early in the morning when the 29-year- old was shot and killed outside now question.
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on first and the shooter? >> reporter: the club's attorney argue that owner robert perratori is not guilty in this case. >> nothing inside the establishment up until 2:00 that gave the staff or management any knowledge that there was a problem. >> you're angry that they still have the license. >> yes. >> reporter: the victim's mother says that the bar should be responsible. but the attorney for the bar says that there is surveillance video showing that someone left and returned 15 minutes later. there have been questions before. the club owner met with boston police proposing a security
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scans. >> thank you very much, beth. turning our attention to the weather now. cloudy skies and some showers out there today but the real story, as we take a live look over the city of boston is when we'll get a shot cold air in here making it feel like it's christmas. pamela gardner here this noon. what are we looking at? >> it is colder right now. we are tracking some rain on live doppler radar here. we'll zoom into the southeast. most of the showers will stay in the southeastern parts of massachusetts for our friends on the cape. quincey, always to the southwestern norwood, a spoft showers pushing to the north and east.
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for the next several hours. satellite radar shows showers at the coast line. 6:00 p.m., hour by hour forecast, that cut off line base why cannily right over the southeastern half of the state. south and east of there, the rain. but to the north and west, clearing skies later today. temperatures remain in the 50s this afternoon or upper 40s by this weekend, you see we get much colder. and we'll have a look at the christmas forecast coming up in just a few minutes. stay tuned. chris? >> looking forward to it. thanks very much. new this noon, parishioners fighting to save their church are taking their case to the supreme court. they will ask for a stay to delay their cord-ordered eviction. for more than ten years, the parishioners have been holding a round-the-clock vigil at st.
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archdiocese from closing and selling the property. barnsville police arrested 18-year-old sabrina croft and a 17-year-old near the holiday inn on route 132. officers say they stole items from unlocked cars near that hotel and a neighboring apartment complex including several guitars, prescription drugs, a cell phone and other items. people in brewster just helped police catch an armed serial robber wanted by the fbi. officers arrested michael schlessinger saying he held up the brewster convenience store. tips poured in. the fbi says that he was wanted in connection with more than a dozen armed robberies all up and down the east coast. the family who owns the convenience store spoke exclusively with wbz. >> you know, my mind and everything, i'm scared now. after he was arrested, he felt
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fine now. >> and schlessinger's family has a house on hardwood. they found gun there is as well as baseball hats worn during the robbery. president obama will be in san bernardino to meet with the victims of the terror attack. the fbi arrested a friend and former neighbor of one of the shooters. enrique marquez is charged with providing material support to the terrorists, fraud and immigration fraud. campaign 2016 now. trouble for democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders. the d nc just suspended the sanders campaign from accession its voter database after a staffer accessed hillary clinton's confidential voter information. a software error allowed that breach to happen.
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staffer calling the behavior unacceptable. database has information about voters all across the country mother theresa business to become a saint. pope francis just approved a second miracle connected to mother theresa, a necessary step to becoming a saint. the van can says that a woman's prayers to mother theresa helped her husband come out of a coma. it's possible that the pope will cannonnize the peace prize winner. the beloved nun diet in 1997 at the age of 87. chipotle facing a lawsuit after dozens got sick from eating at the popular restaurant. how the company is responding this noon. and the plan to bring indy cars to boston shifts into high gear. we'll tell you about that. and the case of a missing polar bear and the state
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welcome back. promoters of indy car race in the seaport area want people to know that the race will happen in september per. organizers plan on signing a letter of in at any time with four state agencies. if that happens, tickets can go on sale as early as next week. the grand prix of boston will have a proposed course around the convention center over the labor day weekend andrea dow says her 16-year- old son alexander was one of 153 people who got sick after eating at chipotle. the family attorney says that the restaurant needs to be put under a microscope so it does not happen. chipotle says that it does not comment poping lawsuits but says generally, in incidents
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work with customers to resolve the issue. boston will raise the age to buy cigarettes from 18 to 21. boston joins 85 other communities that have increased the age for buying tobacco products. a moment of panic when your child loses their favorite toy and that's just what happened to emma on december 5th when her stuffed polar bear went flying out of a car window while the family was driving down the road. cue officer. there was a picture to prove it and it was sent along to the state trooper. >> that's fantastic. >> nice to see, put things on pause, everybody is happy. >> it's that time of the year when we feel things like that >> definitely. >> we are past the middled of december.
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and you feel kind of like the season. 60s. >> great. >> not a white christmas, sorry, everyone. >> here is a live look at the pru. we actually have a few showers starting to move into the picture. those showers developing south of boston here but some of our friends on the cape and island, dealing with steady rain, showers pushing to the northeast in sherryl and p town. quincey and for our friends there at home as well as another scituate, you are starting to see some showers. areas to the north and west experiencing more sprinkle and still some cloudy conditions. satellite and radar picture shows the bigger issue here, area of low pressure here, pushing to the northeast,
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us some areas of rain. dealing with showers again, south and east of boston but to the north and west, we start to see some cooling conditions. saturday morning, 7:00 a.m., conditions. the potential for some snow as well as a few flurries in worcester county. the flurries continue, all throughout saturday afternoon. and ski resorts finally some snow saturday, mainly in the higher elevations here. that will help to trigger anywhere from a dusting of snow maybe an inch or two in isolated spots. be cold enough overnight night. but ski resorts can make the snow. temperatures will stay in the low 30s, saturday and sunday. temperatures for us, in the lower 30s and 40s, rather mild start to the day here.
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going up to 50, 1:00 in it the hour by hour and foul back into the low 40s the rest of the day. mass. lows tonight dipping into the low 30s and upper 20s especially in the suburbs here. a frosty start. highs in the upper 30s. once we hit sunday for patriots game day, gilette stadium, 42 degrees. not bad, seasonable, actually, for this time of the year. day forecast, temperatures will go up and down. winter like saturday and sunday, flurries and blustery both days. monday 41. tuesday, wednesday, 62, christmas eve. chris? >> perfect weather for the pats, pamly. >> you can watch the game right here at 1:00. i won't say the same for christmas. collision. fan. how she is doing today and what lebron is now saying about the
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here is a look at what's hot on your website.
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lebron james got a bit too
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basketball camp during last night's cavs-thunder game. he tried to save the ball from going out of bound and crashed into the floor seat and the wife of golf champion jason day. ellie day was carried out on a stretcher wearing a neck brace. she was treated and released from the hospital. after the game, lebron tweeted, ellie day, my apologies. hope you guys are coming back to a game. and millions escaped to a galaxy far, far away in theaters. jedi fans spent the entire day watching all the episodes. the movie does not disappoint and it's already breaking box office records. thursday night's premiere smashed the previous record set
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now it's 57 million for star wars. we have an early christmas present for fans of the british royal family.
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family photo bound to make you smile. kensington palace released this picture with the duke and kids. i'm not sure if i'm allowed to but anyway. >> does not look like christmas in that photo and does not feel like it. >> no. green christmas. that's for sure. >> i'm dreaming of a green christmas. >> winter forecast hopefully putting you in the mood to finish your holiday shopping if you have not already. for saturday, 39. blustery. a few flurries. sunday, 40 degrees and bright. monday, winter begins officially, 41 degrees. back to the 50s and then 60s for crist eve.
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if it's flurrying over the week, let me know see you monday morning at 4:30.
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